A Transitional and Therapeutic Day Program Emphasizing the Integration of Vocational and Life Skills for Young Adults 17 through 21

Orchard Academy is a unique therapeutic and transition day program that provides a path toward self-sufficiency. Orchard Academy educates young adults ages 17 through 21 with a wide range of abilities and learning styles. Using a community-integrated approach, Orchard Academy teaches students how to apply their knowledge and develop the critical skills to transition into a successful and fulfilling life after high school. Orchard Academy, approved by the Illinois State Board of Education, is backed by the experience and expertise of Orchard Village, the Academy's parent organization.


Orchard Academy strives to be a premier provider of an outcomes-based program that promotes students' optimal independence in the home and community. Our model emphasizes the individualized integration of age-appropriate life skills and vocational strategies, including job search and placement. Orchard Academy supports students in their efforts to successfully transition into independent adult living, advanced education/training and community integration.



Alex was 19 years old when he came to Orchard Village as both a student at Orchard Academy and resident at our transition group home in Morton Grove. Raised by his adopted mother from the age of four, Alex had gone through a difficult period at age 15 and had at that ...

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When John enrolled at the Academy at age 18, he was very quiet, socially unskilled and disinclined to join in conversation with classmates. With the patient encouragement of faculty and staff, including our speech therapist and social worker, John gained ...

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