While the appropriateness of the Orchard Academy program for each potential student is considered on an individual basis, the following general guidelines are used in the process of determining student eligibility:

  • Is currently identified as eligible for special education services
  • Is at least 17 years old
  • Has completed his/her district graduation requirements
  • Has not received his/her high school diploma and is eligible to receive services until aging out of the school system
  • Is able to engage in community vocational experiences (i.e. paid employment, volunteer experiences, community workshops)
  • Is not currently receiving services identified in his/her transition plan through another educational institution or community agency
  • Continues to have IEP goals relating to transitioning into adult life in the areas of daily living, vocation, community and social interaction

Cost information:

Students are tuitioned in by their local district. There is a private pay option. Families and students will incur nominal costs associated with accessing the community on a regular basis (bus fare, occasional lunch out, purchasing hygiene items or clothes, etc.).

For more information on who is appropriate for Orchard Academy and the steps to get enrolled:

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